We are men and women of faith gathered from diverse backgrounds seeking

an expression of the church that is fully sacramental-liturgical, evangelical and charismatic.

These three streams converge not in confusion but in unity, with not one stream

preeminent over the others: Church that is submitted to the authority of Scripture,

as interpreted by the continuing witness of the ancient church and governed by consensus.


"Our worship is Biblical, Liturgical and

Spirit-filled, ancient and contemporary,

holy and joyful."


The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church-ICCEC


At the center of worship is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) which we believe is the real presence of Christ.






We are a church open

to the continued working

of the Holy Spirit. 

We believe in the Priesthood of the believers.

Christians baptized in the Spirit are endowed with spiritual gifts.


We are committed to the preaching of the Gospel to fulfill the great commission. We believe that we are saved by grace alone and justified by faith in Christ who is calling us to a personal relationship with Him.

Consensus Gov't.

We are a church governed by bishops in apostolic succession who are humbly submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit and to each other. All baptized Christians are ministers of the church.


NOTE: The International Communion of Charismatic Episcopal Church is not a part of ECUSA (The Episcopal Church of the USA).

The use of the word Episcopal is because the government of the communion is headed by spirit-filled Bishops.